Damecomm fittings and components for automation


14 December 2018

I am very satisfied about the purchased products.
Staff is attentive to customer needs.
I will buy again from Damecomm, it is to recommend.

Roberto Vezzoli - NewPacking System (Italy)

10 December 2018

I am 100% satisfied about your products.
I think that the staff is expert and available.
I surely recommend your service.
It’s certain I will buy again from you as soon as I will need your products.

Monia Trevisan - Tekno SiaG (Italy)

4 December 2018

I am very satisfied about your products, especially about pneumatic fittings quality. Quality/price ratio is excellent.
Staff is kind even if sometimes I have to wait some days to have an answer.
Ship lead times are quite long. I am buying and I will buy forever from you, I have no intention to change supplier.
Generally I am satisfied because Damecomm is an important supplier for us.

Mourad Farouk - Soti Plus (Tunisia)

22 November 2018

Availability and kindness from the staff, rapidity in the delivery and in finding the right spare parts with excellent prices.

Simone Passini - Autogru Valdelsa (Italy)