meccanica di precisione

Automatic Turning & CNC

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Metal Turning

Automatic turnery is a production that is essential for the creation of turned metal small parts.
Our company uses only multispindles lathes and CNC lathes for the production of brass small parts, stainless steel small parts and aluminum small parts. An equipped metal turnery, as an automatic turnery and a numerical control turnery, can produce with excellent quality series from five hundred to a million pieces.
Both our automatic lathes and numerical control lathes produce metal small parts from diameter six until diameter fifty-five.
The main feature of the automatic turnery with multispindles lathes, is that it can produce in a few seconds small parts in a series of ten thousand pieces. The main feature of the numerical control turnery, is the speed of equipped the machinery that gives the possibility to produce series from five hundred to ten thousand pieces without giving up quality.
meccanica di precisione
torneria metalli
meccanica di precisione
meccanica di precisione
meccanica di precisione
meccanica di precisione