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Hydraulic fittings are produced in steel and automatic steel. They work with all machineries that work with the transmission of oil energy in pressure.

The main advantage in using hydraulic fittings is the possibility to easily transmit considerable strengths and powers.

Our range of hydraulic fittings is produced with high tech and high quality standard methods, so that they are the best solutions on building efficient hydraulic systems.

Below there is a list of our fittings that can be found in details in our catalogue:

  • Connecting nipples
  • Reducing nipples
  • Connecting extensions
  • Reducing extensions
  • Welding studs
  • Threaded plugs
  • Swivelling banjo
  • Swaged ferrules
  • Pressure fittings
  • Adaptors

Our international experts will guarantee a safety export. You will receive all hydraulic fittings with all the custom documents you need.