DAMECOMM Fittings & Automation DAMECOMM Fittings & Automation DAMECOMM Fittings & Automation DAMECOMM Fittings & Automation DAMECOMM Fittings & Automation DAMECOMM Fittings & Automation DAMECOMM Fittings & Automation DAMECOMM Fittings & Automation DAMECOMM Fittings & Automation DAMECOMM Fittings & Automation DAMECOMM Fittings & Automation



Damecomm is an Italian company that has been present on the market for many years with a wide range of products including all the fittings and components for pneumatic, hydraulic, and heating and plumbing systems in a single supplier. The company began by producing turned precision parts and specialized in automation components sales later.

Damecomm has invested a lot in its development in recent years (new production technologies, communication, internationalization and customs matters training), aiming at improving the service offered to its customers, including the international ones. Professionalism, seriousness and expertise are the features that enhance growth and make Damecomm an up to date company.


Our products are realized based on the know-how handed down by our family, through environment-friendly cutting-edge production technologies and top-quality materials. Therefore, Damecomm represent the perfect mix between tradition and innovation, providing customers with lots of competitively priced Made in Italy products.

Our catalogues offer several solutions for industrial automations and equipment, civil systems and every kind of movement that exploits air, oil or water as energy source.


Damecomm is more than a company that offers you high quality solutions: its staff works continuously for you and it is always at your disposal. Our main goal is our customers’ satisfaction. We always try to offer the right product to meet each need, providing different solutions at the best price.

Damecomm is a single reliable supplier for its customers and ensures them high quality products and components by the best brands, giving them the opportunities to optimize the delivery and to receive products in their own country without export documentation issues.

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